Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The NSW Transport and Infrastructure Terror and Beyond

The NSW Transport and Infrastructure Terror and Beyond

Taxi industry activists must stand up with intelligence and integrity. No one should be allowed to be hoodwinked by the ‘taxi mafia’ and become a victim of divide and rule either. It is very dangerous to compromise taxi drivers’ safety and wellbeing for personal gratification.

We all are open for judgment.

Further to Mr. Peter Brennan, Program Director of Radio 2UE and Radio Nazi Jim Ball of 2GB please examine Beyond NSW Transport and Infrastructure Terror if you like.

These days some media outlets are blocking me from speaking up. Some of those shock jock’s prejudice and bigotry, racism and sectarianism are backfiring! They are not getting enough online callers to fill in their shifts and they are forced to recycle old materials from other programs.

Anyway, I used to scream in the open air radio and managed to run stories in the media outlets and as a result some positive changes happened in the taxi industry.

Today, the NSW taxi industry is going backwards!

Blocking me may be providing some pleasure to some people but should you fail to examine The NSW Transport and Infrastructure Terror and do nothing, you may be hurting yourself rather than me.

Please remember The rise of Wiki at the grave of betrayal and treachery despite his questionable motive.

Taxi industry activists must dig up taxi industry information regarding historical, legal and administrative area including never ending betrayal by the NSW Labor Party.

A public education campaign through radio, newspapers, television and all other means should be seriously considered for justice, fairness and survival.

Faruque Ahmed


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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

From: toufic Hadid toufic79@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: NSW taxi reforms rejected by Labor
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well I'm not surprised as these are exactly an implementation of the protocol of zionism . I started to think like bloody faruque now mmmmmm. well if u have a look at what religion they belong to those who dominate the industry you could tell that it's Zionism. in fact they believe that we have been created to service them. which is exactly what cabcharge is, taxi drivers are there to service and collect money for us and nothing for them

any one oppose.

On 07/12/2010, at 12:54 PM, Trevor Bradley <teebrad54@yahoo.com.au> wrote:

Ted, Thank you for forwarding this important news item, and bringing it to our attention. I note with regret that M Jools is attached to the bottom, not, of course, NSWTDA Inc President. Trevor Bradley, Secretary, NSWTDA Inc

From: Ted Hirsch <tedhirsch@gmail.com>
To: Trevor Bradley <teebrad54@yahoo.com.au> and more

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Subject: NSW taxi reforms rejected by Labor

Sydney Morning Herald

December 7, 2010

NSW taxi reforms rejected by Labor

Jacob Saulwick

PROPOSALS to loosen the grip of the main taxi companies over the Sydney taxi market have been rejected by the state government.

The decision has helped consolidate Reg Kermode's Cabcharge domination over electronic payments in taxis, ruling out a plan to link the state's proposed public transport smart-card with cabs.

A cross-party inquiry into the NSW taxi system this year made 59 recommendations to tackle the ''significant need'' to sharpen the competitiveness and viability of the taxi industry.

In its response to the inquiry, the state government supported 27 recommendations, rejected nine, and offered qualified or tentative support for the rest.

The rejected proposals go to some of the most substantive issues in the industry, including the consolidation and cost of taxi licences, and the 10 per cent levy charged on EFTPOS and credit card payments in cabs.

The government rejected the select committee's suggestion of preventing networks or companies that already own more than 10 taxi licences from claiming any more. It also ruled out a plan to conduct ballots for new licences, rather than auction them off,to weaken the power of large and wealthy bidders.

The government said it did not want to cap the expansion of existing cab companies because ''such a restriction … would prevent new and emerging networks or fleet operators from gaining market share needed to compete with larger established networks.

''However, a regulation could be made [allowing] consideration to be given to limiting the number of licences that may be issued to entities that already hold a large share of the market,'' it said.

Of the most recent 100 extra cab licences auctioned off, Cabcharge - run by Mr Kermode, an octogenarian - claimed 10. At the same time, licence prices rose to $40,000, up from closer to $20,000 two years ago.

Much of the focus of the inquiry fixed on Cabcharge's 10 per cent levy for electronic payment, an issue of ''extreme public interest.''

While other finance companies compete against Cabcharge to process electronic payments, Mr Kermode's company dominates the market, having installed EFTPOS terminals in 91 per cent of all NSW taxis.

But one potential competitor - a government-run smartcard, to be installed on public transport by 2014 - will not challenge Cabcharge's business. ''Expanding the scope of the ETS [electronic ticketing system] project to include a taxi payment system is not supported … as it would [affect] its scheduled delivery,'' the state government said.

It said it would ask the federal Finance Minister, Penny Wong, to examine the 10 per cent fee.

Cabcharge earned $84.6 million in ''taxi service'' fees in the 2009-10 financial year, down from $87.5 million a year earlier.

One recommendation will win the approval of late-night revellers.Drivers will be required to change shifts before 2am and 2pm to avoid the shortage that hits during the 3am changeover.

The president of the Taxi Drivers Association, Michael Jools, described the government's response as a ''whitewash'' that would lead to minimal changes.


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