Friday, January 15, 2010

A Final Response re Bailor’s ID


227 LLIZABEIH: Street

Sydney NSW 2000



TELEPHONE (02) 268 2800

FACSIMILE (02) 268 2900

Mr Faruque Ahmed

Vice President

Taxi Industry Services Association of NSW

PO Box 349


Dear Mr. Ahmed

I refer again to your letters of 6 December, 1994 regarding the availability of owner/operator details in taxis, and the non-compliance of Workers' Compensation and Third Party Property Damage requirements by taxi operators.

The proposal for taxi operator details to be available in taxis to benefit drivers was discussed by senior executives from this Department and the Taxi industry. They arranged for this matter to be raised at a Taxi Council meeting followed by a report to the Department. Arrangements are in hand to follow-up this issue.

Owner/Operators are required by law (Reg. 6 of the Passenger Transport Regulation) to maintain an insurance policy with a cover of at least $200,000 for damage ro property arising our, or the use of their taxi/s. This requirement is reinforced under the standards for taxi operators. Compliance with the provisions of Section 155 of the Workers' Compensation Act is also required under taxi operator standards.

The maximum penalty ($1,OOO for failing to carry Third Party Property Damage insurance can be imposed. ln addition, an operator's accreditation may be varied, suspended or cancelled for non-compliance with either one of these standards. For information I have attached a copy of the relevant section of the Passenger Transport Regulation, and an extract from the Taxi Service Operator Accreditation Standards

Operators suspected of carrying out sub-standard operations are audited by the Department, and in this regard I have arranged for the operator of taxi T. 688 to be investigated. Other operators will be investigated on receipt of full and factual information, which at least will include the registration numbers of the taxis concerned and a signed statement confirming non-compliance with the standards.

Yours sincerely

John McLoughlin


Parramatta and Western Region

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